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Young Blood CD

Young Blood CD

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GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, performer, and songwriter Marcus King was downright destined to play music.Plugged into his old man’s dusty amp with a ’59 Les Paul in hand, Marcus set out to make a rock ‘n’ roll record in 2022. He didn’t disguise his ambitions at all. He didn’t hold back. He didn’t think about anything but writing from the gut, shooting from the hip, and playing straight from the heart. Joined by Auerbach, he made the kind of rock ‘n’ roll record that makes arenas and asses shake, and it’s called Young Blood [American Recordings/Republic Records]

Release date (08/26/2022)

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1 It's Too Late
2 Lie Lie Lie
3 Rescue Me
4 Pain
5 Good and Gone
6 Blood on the Tracks
7 Hard Working Man
8 Aim High
9 Dark Cloud
10 Whisper
11 Blues Worse Than I Ever Had

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